Instructions to use

Tip: The tighter the belt, the more comfortable the wearer and the baby will be.

With the seat on your back, hold the belt on your waist above your pelvis.
Wrap the belt tightly around your waist while holding your breath.
Connect the Velcro fastener securely in front.
Click the buckle completely and adjust the strap.
Turn the seat from the back to your preferred position.
Lift the baby onto the seat. The baby has to be seated close to you, at the center of the seat.



  • The straps need to be adjusted to make sure you and the baby are comfortable.
  • The hug strap needs to be tightened to hold the baby close to your body.
  • While carrying big babies, it is ideal to keep the baby facing you and the seat centered to your waist.
  • The belt must be secured tightly on your waist above the pelvis.
  • Make sure the Velcro is fastened firmly and the buckles are clicked completely.
  • As your body takes time to adjust to the product, use HipSeat to carry the baby for short periods initially, and gradually extend the wearing time.
  • If you are pregnant, get professional advice prior to the use of this product.
  • Be careful about the baby’s safety, especially while using the hug-strap connected seat.
  • Be careful when the baby wears short clothes, as the zippers, straps and buckles in this product can injure the baby’s skin.
  • This is not a hands-free carrier. It is important to support your baby’s back or belly with your arm at all times.