• Air Mesh – Breathable mesh around the interior of the product allows airflow so you remain cool no matter how long you’re carrying your child.
  • Padding – Memory foam and sponge is used around the waist to give you a snug fit while providing ultimate comfort.
  • Non-Slip – Your baby or toddler will enjoy a non-slip seat so she can explore the world safely.
  • Machine Washable – You don’t have to worry about the occasional spill or dirt speck-your HipSeat is machine washable and easy to clean.
  • Adjustable – Your sturdy belt buckle offers you stability and adjustability up to 40 inches – perfect for dad!
  • Options – Whether your baby wants to view the world, face you or be off to the side, your hip seat for baby automatically adjusts to accommodate his needs.
  • Storage – Don’t worry about carrying a purse or reaching in your pockets to find your keys, your baby hip seat comes standard with storage pockets to hold everything from your wallet to your cellphone and even a spare diaper!
  • Variety – HipSeat comes in a variety of colors to suit your personal tastes and style. Buying one for dad? We have plenty of dad-friendly colors so he can carry baby in style too.

Your baby hip seat is ready to go wherever you go, but before you get started with your purchase, we want to make sure you’re using it right.

  • Always wear your HipSeat around your waist.
  • Keep the belt tight which not only helps you handle the weight, but makes it more comfortable for your child.
  • Don’t use the HipSeat if you have recently had abdominal surgery or you’re pregnant. Instead, consult your physician before use.