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Our innovative products keep mom, dad, grandparents and even baby happy!”
Being close to your child is a natural thing. You want to hold her, carry her an everywhere you go. She loves being close to you and exploring with you, but as your child grows, her added weight can make the task of carrying her a little more difficult than when she was first born. This very situation is what inspired the thinkers behind the Original HipSeat. Trends in baby products come and go, but the one thing that has remained the same is a child’s need to be close and secure with her parents. HipSeat is a revolutionary product that strives to make life easier for parents with small children, by providing them with a safe, innovative way to bring their child with them without risk of hip dysplasia or back problems. Traditional baby carriers put extensive strain on a parent’s back, especially parents with toddler-age children who haven’t quite mastered the art of walking. This hip seat for baby allows parents to comfortably carry their children, while relieving the pressure on their back, shoulders and hips – and provides babies with the comfort of being close to their parents on their very own baby hip seat.

Why Use a HipSeat?


Owners Kelly and Paula Scherr loved carrying their child around, but traditional baby carriers were all the same: they created excessive strain on the backs, shoulders and hips. That was when they were introduced to the baby hip seat. This product made the process of carrying a child – up to 22 or 44 pounds – an easy task. The straps that pulled on a parent’s shoulders were not needed and the hip seat for baby rested comfortably around the parent’s waist. It was simple, practical and most importantly, it made baby and parent happy. Kelly and Paula fell in love with this hip seat almost instantly, but now came the task of sharing this innovative product with the rest of the world. In 2012 Kelly and Paula took over HipSeat with a mission to promote mobility and comfort while still allowing parents that natural, close bond with their babies and toddlers. Since the start it has been HipSeat’s mission to focus on families and their children by getting in touch with a parent’s comfort requirements and identifying a baby’s needs so that parents can go where they need to go — all without limitations. This very mission is why HipSeat continually seeks out feedback from parents using our baby hip seat products so that we can continue to innovate, design and establish a long list of ergonomic products that are conceived and designed with parents and children in mind. At HipSeat we welcome your feedback, stories and even your experiences with our baby hip seat products. We hope that as your newborn grows, we can grow and develop with you by offering you the convenient hip seat products your family needs to stay on the go.