Practical and Simple

Designed With Dad In Mind



Up To 44lbs Or 20kgs


Variety of Models

From 10 KG to 20 KG


It’s time to get your hands on that must-have baby item that everyone is raving about. At HipSeat, we pride ourselves on offering our clients innovative products that will make parenting easier. You’ve got the naps and feeding times down, let us help keep your baby close and make your back feel just a little better with our baby hip seat today!

Choose from the Original, Deluxe and Simple Fit models today! Not sure which product is right for you? Visit our Products page for more details or our Features page.



Why a HipSeat?

Lift. Carry. Done. It’s that simple! All you have to do is pick up your child, carry her and you’re good to go. We simplify the baby carrier process so that you can get rid of the annoying straps, endless buckles and just enjoy being close to your baby!

Variety. Your baby or toddler is a busy-body. The world has so much to explore and one position just won’t cut it. The HipSeat is your solution to the busy baby since you can use it in a variety of positions. From forward facing to sideways to facing you, your child is close and able to explore the world.

Comfort. Think about it, when you carry your child on your hip, you lean to the side, arch your back and use one arm and hip to support the majority of her weight. This causes strain on your spine, shoulders and arms. With your HipSeat your body is balanced, weight distributed and you can carry your child without the pains associated with traditional baby carriers or no carrier at all.

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